Manifesto 001 – Religion

Manifesto 001:


RELIGION in all it’s incarnations; past, present, and future, are a fallacy.


Hear me out…


Religion has been a concept and practice for mankind dating back eons in human history. In it’s earlier forms, religion often existed as polytheistic religions. At a certain point in mankind’s history, monotheism fell into practice, as exemplified by the rise and spread of the three interconnected religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Monotheistic religions, like many theologies before them, insisted that there was only one God, and polytheism fell out of favor. Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other monotheistic practices believed that their narratives were right, and that everything else was wrong.

But all religions are just that: narratives. Stories. Stories to explain the Great Mystery of our lives: Who are we, and Why are we, and What are we here to do? In summation, Why are we here on this Earth? And religion explains this mystery for us. It allows us not to think about the question, as it’s already been answered by it: We are God’s creations, He created all that exists, and We are here to serve out fellow man. We are here on this Earth to follow in the footsteps of the holy people before us who laid the path to righteousness.

And what lies beyond this path for those who choose to follow? Infinite mortality coupled with pure bliss. It sounds so good. It feels good to us. Because it is Sedation to our lives’ Great Mystery and the questions that follow it. It allows us not to be preoccupied by these haunting questions, as the Truth of human existence is too difficult to bear. And what is that Truth?

We are not going to be saved. Humans are not special. We were not created by God. We are the product of billions of years of evolution on Earth, and through this process we have become what we are today. We are going to die. We are going to die. We are going to die. Our time on this planet is finite, and there is no special path, no great journey that we must take in order to live our lives the correct way. We humans have become too smart for our own damn good. Because the reality of religion is that it has existed since the beginning of time, and it has existed in order to explain. First, to explain basics about our world; the sun, the moon, the stars. As we evolved, so has it, currently in order to explain our mortality and our morality. Yet this explanation, this narrative, this story, is just Sedation. Sedation to keep us from realizing our true fear:

HUMAN beings in all our incarnations; past, present, and future, are on Earth for no particular reason (other than Evolution), have no particular purpose (other than what we assign meaning to), and are eventually going to die and stay dead (FOREVER!).


The question then becomes…how do you make your life meaningful?


Meaning to replace the void that religion assigns to us??                           Good question.

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